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Power BI

Data Modelling, Report and Dashboard Design – through to Publishing, Sharing, Enterprise implementation and Training.

Not forgetting Adoption, Governance Frameworks and C-Suite engagement.

Operational Excellence Processes

Power Apps

Improve and Automate business processes. Mange and maintain SQL database or SharePoint List content. 

Implement workflows leveraging all business critical systems such as Office 365, Azure, Common Data Service and more. Introduce AI solutions into your business.

Utilising Power BI to connect to Open Data sources: COVID-19 Reporting

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, many developers quickly began tapping into the growing number of authoritative data sources to better understand, visualise and model the data - mainly out of curiosity (me) or for a business purpose for their company or...

Power BI Templates & Seed File

Free Layouts Inspired by some of the great designs from other experts and Microsoft, I take this a step further to make this Enterprise ready... Starting any Power BI Project typically considers the end user experience and interface (UX, UI - how the Reports and...

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